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BeachClan is a cat colony that is rather peaceful in nature, known for their familial bonds and spiritual nature, they aren't ones to be reckoned with should the need arise. Everything they do is for family and future. 


The Tribe of Eons, also known as the Tribe of flittering kestre, they are a group of dedicated cats to the cause of long dead wolf ancestor called Ka. They idealise a world where prey and predator live in harmony and are known for being multilingual.

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” - Unknown


Immortals living a life of luxury and cowardice. They are each born with unique powers and abilities but can those differences make them stronger together or weaker apart.


When four gifted cats are born into the ranks of a tribe of cats, how will this affect the legacy the two hold when the two tribes are on the brink of war. Will these powers be the death of everyone or the beginning of a greater understanding.