The Ambivalent


There is an expansiveness to the forest of an unnamed province, a horizon that seems like it will span forever and perhaps it does. Forests as far as the eye can see, not the typical land you'd expect to find a small pride of lions residing in. A mixture of high scaling cliffs and long lakes dot the area, each with their own unique story to tell. Under the land are long never ending caves filled with lakes, crystals and hidden music. To the far north across a lake that had once been part of an ocean, a volcano quietly ticks away, breathing magma onto the land below and fuelling geysers throughout the province. Needs updating!


Level 12


12 males
7 females
5 nonbinary


Karllè . female . psychokinesis . #038


Moth . female . insect manipulation . #059


Seer . nonbinary . magma scrying . #216


Ridrey . nonbinary . divine healing . #346


Archyr . female . aerokinesis . #168


Atmos . male . atmokinesis . #304


Storm . trans male . cosmic awareness . #383


Atlantis . male . dream leaping . #096
Ca'ndra . female . animated shadow . E#06
Icarus . male . face reading .  #269
Kuro . male . dendrokinesis . #246
Macadamia . male . intangibility . N#19
Matryll . male . umbrakinesis . E#37
Valiant . male . photokinesis . #169
Vienna . female . cryokinesis . #129
Wisteria . female . florakinesis . #234
Zion . male . soul reading . #165


Janus . male .  hardening . N#70c
Lanell . nonbinary . hallucikinesis . N#70d
Lucia . female . pyrokinesis . N#70b
Gyro . male .  gyrokinesis  . N#43b
Quintz . nonbinary . crystallokinesis . E#52
Tarus .  male . alternate-selves contacting .  N#43a
Vita . nonbinary . puppeteering . N#70a

Left a clouded mind and a heavy heart but I am sure we could see a new start
So when your hopes on fire but you know your desire


None... for now...

A3, Values...

Lions of the pride have come from all backgrounds and lives, travelled far and wide and seen so many things only to find there way onto the ambivalent's territory. It's essential that when they join the rankings of the pride they build a home amongst the ranks and find a place they fit. That's what's most important to the pride, making your place in the world, making a home. Finding your new family. 
Outcasts, the lot of them. They built their pride from the ground up on the principal that they wouldn't turn each other away, turn each other against one another and somehow make water thicker than blood. Family is one thing and those lucky enough to build a real family amongst the ranks of the pride are congratulated but it is wildly regarded that the found family is just as important.
Everyone finds someone they can hold close, a friend, a love interest or a paternal figure. That's the charm of the ambivalent, there's always someone who will make your life better, someone who will reach out and fix the problems that ache in your heart. That's why found family is so highly valued. They were all once lonely and now they aren't. What more could one ask for. [211]

Don't hold a glass over the flame, don't let your heart grow cold
I will call you by name, I will share your road

A2, Camp...

The clan's territory is larger in height than in width, The tribe of Eons is situated on the side of a mountain. Half of it's territory is made up of trees while the rest is paths leading up the rocky paths leading up and down the mountain side. Pine trees are vast and cover the territory with the odd spruce tree breaking what would otherwise be dominated by pine. To the edge of the territory a large river cascades freely, fed by a spring, deep under the earth. To one side of the territory is the sea shore, with no beach to be seen, just a long drop off cliffs. [110/100]

A1, Map...

A4, Allegiances...

There is a wolf pride to the far south, strange in their ways and language. Many moons ago there was a conversation held between the linguist, Karllè and the leader of the wolf pack, Baptiste. There was a few moons of tension between the group before an allegiance was made and the two groups promised peace and comradery between their ranks. Despite the fact that the wolf pack doesn't share the seemingly immortal life spans of the Ambivalent has done nothing to damage the realtionship and in a way has strengthened it. Generations end up with their own guardian angel in the form of a lion and in some ways the pride has become responsible for helping carry the history of the pack on their shoulders.

To the north are a parliament of owls who have made a pact with several groups in the surrounding area regarding early warnings of storm fronts that roll in from the coast, while this has rarely been a problem for the pride, with their members capable of bending the weather, some storms are too severe to be controlled and the early warning from the owls has saved lives before and in turn they are in a great deal of debt. [206]

A5, Pride name...

The name of this pride, the ambivalent was given to them by those around them and comes from the pride's strenuous relationship with those unlike them. Those who aren't doomed to live for what feels like an eternity, those with a normal life span are, while welcome company, a fickle form of life that will never last. So they are ambivalent, wanting to reach out to those around them but refusing to let themselves reach out. [76]

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A6, Faith...

Faith within the ranks of the ambivalent is a mix and match of beliefs and traditions. Some, believe in the god and goddess, caretakers of the world, other's believe in spirits that travel the world bringing gifts of knowledge to those they meet, other's lack a belief completely and are at odds with the idea of faith completely.
One shared over arching belief and faith that spans all the pride members, however is a belief in the power of self, community and magic. It isn't much and it isn't organised but together they believe they have something special, some unique connection to the land they live on and the people around them. It's the only way they can explain the powers they've been given and make sense of the world around them.
Those with gods, goddesses or spirit guardians all have wildly different beliefs of what to expect, with only a few similarities shared between them, such as how to show reverence, how to make offerings and the belief that the entity they hold belief in is constantly changing. [179]

A8, Emblem...

The emblem for the Ambivalent is the tree of life or Yggdrasil. Something they all find touching is the meaning behind the symbol and thus is the reason it symbolises their pride. From it's representation of the cosmos to it's meaning with time and destiny, there's a greater meaning of interconnectedness that makes the lions of the Ambivalent feel at home with the universe. [64]

A7, Hunting style...

The ambivalent is a wild variation of technique and class. Each member of the pride featuring their own specific style of hunting that's directly influenced by the powers and abilities, some even combining their skills to create more useful hunting techniques.

For instance, lions like Kuro, Moth, Valliant and Ca'ndra specialise in starling prey, leading them into traps or hidden lions. Archyr and Zion have the ability to track prey with remarkable accuracy and can lead others towards large groups of prey with ease. Other lions hunt as you would typically expect, out running prey, out lasting predators.

Of course the territory does impose some restrictions to how the pride hunts. Swooping slopes and cliffs lead to agility being an overwhelming factor in good hunting, those who can leap and run while sticking landings often catch the most prey. In few places where cliffs aren't a major factor there is still slips and and dips in the terrain; those who aren't careful of their footing can quickly wind up with a sprained or broken paw.

Those who can't handle the threat of injury on the haphazard chase for prey can fear not as long as they don't mind getting wet. Those who can't hunt on land end up on hunting patrols along the nearby river, catching fish and water birds. [220]

A9, Greatest threat...

The first time the river rose it was a complete shock to the system. It was close to midnight with the moon hidden behind storm clouds that crackled through he skies. Strangely enough, Karllè would think, turning her head to the sky, the moon was visible in patches from camp, the rain somehow skimming around the edges of camp never to touch the safe haven of their home. She wondered if it was supernatural or the powers of another that made it so. Supernatural powers did nothing to stop the way the rain fell however, rushing down to the earth and then down to the river below. When it rose it rose fast, taking fast strides up the bank and before not to long it was lapping against the edge of their camp. Karllè had fled with Moth carried in her maw, running to higher ground and into the soaking rain. She watched as the camp was slowly over taken by the flood of the river, a chill running up her spine. If she hadn't been awake she would have never seen the water coming. If she hadn't been awake she would have been dead. Truly this was their greatest threat. [201]

A11, Band together...

It takes a lot to gather the wayward souls of the ambivalent and make them overcome their own fear of death, to rally them together and make them band together against a great danger. When it comes down to it there is only one person who can band these fool-hearty individuals into one working machine and that is Karllè and her ability to be scarier than the threat of death. With Icarus by her side Karllè offers a threat that any cowards will be chased down if they turn tail from a great danger. These threats are usually laced sickly sweet between inspiring words and calls for bravery. It's hard to say if it's Icarus staring down those considering running or the knowledge that Karllè can be coldhearted and cruel that keeps the ambivalent together in the face of crisis or danger. Once the threats have been laid out and fear pulling the members together the ambivalent they work well together, mutterings that Karllè is crazy filling the air from time to time as they work together well, taking advantage of each others powers to get things done fast and well. Once they stand together they are a force to be reckoned with. [203]

A10, Greatest strength and weakness...

Immortality is the greatest strength that the lions of the Ambivalent hold, the inability to age, only ever claimed by death through unnatural means has made them all wise because of their years. Their strength is their knowledge, their competence and their experience. They have a startling amount of maturity as a group. [53]
A double edged sword, life immortal makes one fearful of death. The ambivalent are wise, yes but they are also cowards and this is their greatest weakness. A lack of willingness to fight and defend, a fearfulness and overly developed sense of self preservation. They are too interested in keeping themselves alive to bother defending each other. [57] 

A12, Responding to new things...

You can always steadily rely on Ca'ndra to find the strange, new and foreign things inside the prides territory and you can count on Icarus to be the one to investigate. A few lions may accompany him as he pokes and prods the new item, shouting out information about what it's made out of and guesses as to what it could be used for.

If it's safe then it's a game of trade and claiming to see who gets the new shiny thing in their section of the den, after all who wouldn't want something strange in their den to fiddle with at night while trying to rest. Bartering takes place and often old goods are exchanged until everyone is happy with the outcome.

If it's something deemed dangerous it will be careful carried to the river and dumped into the water to be carted away, hopefully gone forever, out of sight and out of mind.

Those that fall in between safe and dangerous are noted on the territory and left alone. People will come to visit the odd items and note any changes, often starting superstitions about the object and it's mysterious powers, for instance, there's a rock that fell from the sky, it left a small crater in the earth and it's rumoured that touching it will result in death. This is just one instance of the antics the pride gets up to when something new shows up. [240]

A13, Reguarding the dead...

Buried in the earth with their favourite possessions, it is said that on the night after their burial the dead come back to life as ghosts and ghouls that whisper across the earth, acting as guardians during the night, protecting their allies from their life and tormenting their enemies. They are watchful spirits who chose to stay around as ghosts for as long as they have a purpose and intention to stay. Often there will be a long lineage of ghosts haunting members of the Ambivalent waiting for their living friends to die before passing onto the other place, the brighter one where stars never stop shining and transcendent. They believe that there is a place like heaven waiting for them a forest where all the dead who have completed their missions on earth travel to and occasionally visit from when given purpose or reason to, like a prophecy or omen. [151]

A14, Reguarding cubs...

The young newly's, the cubs of the pride are expected of many things. The first and primary of which is to enjoy their youth. They will have an eternity to be adults but only a short few years to be child like and filled with those ambitions and joys. Respect is expected of them towards the older members of the pride, that in giving respect they will get mutual respect in return.

They are expected to learn to master their powers and control their abilities, lest they falter in using them and cause injury to their pridemates- something that has happened many times before. More importantly they are expected to come into adulthood with the knowledge of who they are found and held close to the heart. Be respectful, be young, be experienced but most importantly know who you are and what you are destined for in the world because only you can know such a thing. [157]

A15, Prey and predators...

At first impression the land the ambivalent occupies is barren, fields of grass covered hills, cliffs and mountains that reach for the sky, distant forests of pine silent and still. A quiet footstep and keen ear however will find a surplus of prey, ranging from rabbits, pheasants, voles, deer, to a variety of birds. All to their own areas, all spread out covering the territory in a thick surplus of prey; for all the generations they have been hunted by the same lions they have grown wise to some of the antics the lions get up to. Then there are the predators, few in their ranks due to the speciality of the linguist and finding ways to rationalise friendship over fighting. This withstanding, some bears, coyotes and wolves have been beyond reason and make themself a nuisance to the prides young, often focusing their attacks on singling out young cubs and attacking them or trying to steal them away. Bears have been known to attack full grown members of the pride. [171]

A17, Greatest taboo...

Taboos come in many form, some in matters of nature others, like the great taboo held by the ambivalent, are matters of spirituality. Whatever one does in hunting, that is up to them, however when laying down to eat your caught prey one should never consume the head of a prey animal, no matter the size. This is something most would find odd, but it is a common belief amongst the ambivalent that the head is where the spirit ends up laying to rest after death.

Those who consume the head of an animal have consumed the spirit of that creature and in doing so you put yourself at a great risk of many things. If you were the one who killed the animal there was a chance that the spirit would recognise you and curse you to bad luck or misfortune. Then there are the spirits who are strong in their death, who persist with anger and rage who can seep into your soul and posses you, making you act without your will behind it. A rabbit possession could lead you to be flighty, a bird could make you take a leap from an unsafe height trying to fly and a deer could make you abandon your pride to flee into the forest. The superstition is strong around what happens if you eat the head of your prey and it would be best if you heeded the words of the pride or be feared insane. [246]