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Design by SurgeFire.

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The clan healer who could- did and always will. She has a determined mind, perfectionist attitude and a whimsical view of the world.


A chocolate silver shaded classic tabby bicolor with freckling and orange eyes.

How they walk, any accent, decription of build, weight class, scars and resting facial expression.


Name: SageDapple
Age: 36 moons
Rank: Coral Whisperer
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her

Breed: moggie
Build: average
Scent: here

Orientation: demiromantic
Relationship: a rogue

Status: not for trade
Obtained: June 28th, '19
Reference:  #2025
Designer: SurgeFire

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” -Jim Rohn 


SageDapple spent the early years of her life wandering from place to place in a forest trying to get absolute control of her life only to stumble upon the fact that she would never be able to control everything. After this revelation Sage broke from character and became a free spirit, life revolved around the invisible forces she swore were at play, the way nature took care of everything and everyone. 
It was during this time she found her calling to be a healer and urge after witnessing a limp mouse to see how nature could fix the wounds of others and mend injuries. It was hit or miss and she had many patients from amongst the animal kingdom, mostly caught by her own hand before she figured out some of nuance of herbal medicine. 
While roaming the forest she stumbled across a clan with a few well respected healers who took her under their wing and taught her more things about the world of healing and corrected some bad assumptions she had made during her trial runs. She would have stayed longer if not for a whisper she heard on the breeze one night, beckoning her towards the east where salty waters spanned over the horizon.
Upon arriving at BeachClan she forced her way into the ranks, carving a place for herself in the small group, her intrusion was welcomed and she found herself happy and at home.
Later she would have her daughter, OwlPaw, for the first time in her life finding [207/200]


SageDapple believes that you can make anything of the life you live, change is something you control. If you push yourself forward with will and determination nothing can stop you. She has come as far as she has in so little time by never stopping short of the best. A perfectionist, all and all. There was one thing however which SageDapple realised she couldn't control, the world spinning around her.
It was this striking realising that created one of her biggest leaps in character, trust your instincts, trust the world spinning around you. Outside of her capacity to abandon all reason in place of instinct SageDapple is best described as a wilful she-cat with one paw constantly suspended in the unknown. She's known for using verbose language and never really having a point, just loosely formed ideas. She see's the world through rose tinted glasses and she thinks it's beautiful.
Each person on this world, however wild it may spin is blessed beyond belief and knowledge. So each chance she gets she tries to use her words to explain how much she loves them, how greatly and deeply she appreciates those around her, how much they mean to her. It can come of as smothering sometimes.
She is an aunt in their huge family, with a shoulder to cry on and lot's of love and affection to drown out the sorrows of anyone who'll let her in. She takes her work seriously and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is and what could be. A mind that ticks towards dark but true possibilities. Those who know her close enough know that for all her loving kindness Sage wouldn't hesitate to cross ethical lines if the possibility of a greater good lies beyond them. [294/200]

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Mystic Influence


by Ataraxic_king

by Ataraxic_king




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Mother: Lavender
Father: unknown
Siblings: Cedar and Rose
Kits: OwlPaw


Friends: Cinnamon, FlowerPond, 
PoppyShine, AspenPaw, CedarFrost,
Disliked: here
Apprentice: MantaPaw
Mentor: n/a


Identity: demiromantic
Crush: here
Mate: Arlo
Exes: here

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